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Human-centered communications
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At Storyline Studio Inc. we help you  connect the world to the work you're passionate about. We do this by crafting communications that are authentic to your brand and meaningful to your audience.   

Storyline Studio Services
Human Centered Communications

How can we help you?    

Check out some of our popular services! If you're looking for something not listed below, request a quote and provide us with the details. The cost of our services varies, and many are quoted per project, but as a rule of thumb you can expect to pay $65.00/hr and up.              

Graphic Design

Graphic design communicates your messages visually and can enhance the impact of your copywriting. Wether you are looking for graphics for marketing and advertising, web applications, or print, we can satisfy your graphic design needs. 


Need help finding the right words to spread your message? We can help you find them! The copywriting process focuses on making your message clear and succinct, using language that your intended audience will connect with. The copywrite will also fit into the technical requirements of your chosen medium.


Newsletters generate audience engagement, provide an avenue for sharing information, and are an opportunity to present a call to action. We will custom-design a newsletter for you, creating and sending them regularly based on your content schedule. All that you have to do is provide an overview of information and any specific photos or links you would like included and we'll do the rest.

General Communications Consulting

Communications is the magic that starts behind the scenes and translates into everything you do to connect with the world. You cannot not communicate; visuals, words, actions - and even inaction - all send a message. If you have come up against a communications problem, or are wanting to proactively plan your communication strategies, we can help.


Full Visual Identity

Everything you need to get started showing the world you you are as a brand! We'll work with you to create a killer logo and brand mark to represent the unique personality of your brand.

Full Visual Identity branding packages start  at $2000.00.


Visual Identity Refresh

If your brand is looking a little tired, consider a Brand Identity Refresh. Your logo will be assessed for effectiveness, colors will be changed at your request, and we will develop logo variation options.

Visual Identity Refresh branding packages start  at $800.00.